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My name is Shawn Woodtke and I have been a professional software developer for over 15 years.

I specialize in designing elegant custom software solutions integrating diverse technologies including cloud & internet platformsmobile applications and embedded software.


Cloud Computing

We can help you build the solutions you need to enable the next generation of cloud enabled products.

Using the latest cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Google App Engine, we can build your cloud product so it scales as your business grows.

We use the latest tools and technologies so your solution can be up and running quickly and when the time comes, you can easily build a team around your custom solution without missing a beat.

Mobile Applications

Using the latest UI and graphics techniques, we can build everything from simple applications to access your cloud infrastructure to cutting edge games. We can design and build both iOS and Android applications so your app can work with all the latest devices.

Having mobile application performance problems? We can help you tune your application to get the most out of your mobile devices. From network performance to graphics, we can tweak your application so your customers experience an amazing app experience.

Embedded Solutions

Do you want to provide a hardware solution? We have experience designing modern embedded solutions for a variety of industry verticals. We can help you all the way from board bring-up to custom Linux device drivers to custom on-board user interfaces.

We have extensive experience working with embedded Linux and custom ARM platforms which we can use to get your design up and running as quickly as possible.

Custom Software

Need some guidance on your software architecture or your feature set? We have been designing and building software solutions for over a decade and can provide expert software design advice and implementation before, during and after you release your product.